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Someone told you this may be a good option for you. Now you are looking for more information. Let me help with that!

EMDR stands for Eye-Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing therapy. This model asks people to split their focus on traumatic memories and bilateral stimulation (BLS), simultaneously. This duality has shown to reduce the vividness of the emotions associated with difficult memories and allows for your body to tap into its own healing capacities. 


While EMDR is mostly associated with the hand movements, buzzers, or tapping that creates bilateral stimulation, this model starts on session one by paying close attention to your nervous system. 

I am ready to get started. I want to work on this now!


I won't tell you what to do or to move on. But I will offer you opportunities to process your hurt and navigate the variety of feelings you are experiencing. We will navigate how to deal with others, I will advocate for your needs with those that won't listen, and navigate the difficulties that are coming which you may not be aware of yet. 

I don't think I have trauma to work through, would this still be helpful to me?

The short answer is "absolutely, yes". Like I mentioned earlier, EMDR is more than processing memories with BLS. This type of therapy tracks your nervous system to find where your body is caught up in automatic fight or flight responses and resources around that. 

You already have the capacity to heal on your own. However, sometimes that healing process can be stunted and it may need a jolt to get it unstuck. EMDR helps to tap into that and keep you going. 

What should I expect from EMDR therapy? 

From the first interaction with your EMDR therapist, they will be tracking your nervous system. The first phases of EMDR will make sure you are resourced and ready to work through the "yuk" that's stuck in your body, mind, and spirit. This can be quick, or it may take several months. 

Once you start the reprocessing phases, you can expect to enter a range of emotions. Many people are immediately comforted, f

Take the first step towards healing.

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