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Online Therapy

Is online therapy right for me? I don't want to miss out on being face-to-face.

There's many reasons why you may be looking for online therapy. It may be the busyness of your day to day life, you're up north getting away from the heat, transportation, your own comfort, or perhaps health concerns. Thankfully, online therapy offers a safe, convenient, and flexible way to still access the resources you need. 

It may feel weird at first not meeting with your counselor in person, you may doubt they will be able to read you and fully understand you if they can't see your body or sense how you are doing. Fortunately, studies show us that this is not the case. Experience tells me that I am able to connect with you, understand you, and help you just as much as if you were right in front of me!

What kind of issues do you help with using online therapy?

I use online therapy for all the same work I do in person, with a few exceptions. I find it difficult to use online therapy for my clients with severe ADHD and certain children with a healthy extra doze of energy! As long as you have the proper equipment, I have done sessions with entire families and found it extremely beneficial. 

Can you do online therapy if I do not live in your state? Are you licensed in any other states?

At this time, I am only licensed to practice within the state of Arizona. If you live in another state, I am not able to do online therapy with you.  

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